Moblin 2.0 beta — now in sync!

May 20, 2009

Moblin 2.0 beta is out! This is very exciting for us: letting everyone see our hands work after having worked in private for six months… Now, I’m obviously biased, but personally I think it’s turning into a really awesome operating system / user experience — it’s not finished yet, but the awesomeness is there. See the video for some highlights.

I’ve been mostly working on synchronization myself: a daunting task that surely would have ended in pain if Patrick Ohly (SyncEvolution author) hadn’t joined our team. After Patrick came on board we quickly came up with a plan:

  • Concentrate on netbook<->server sync for Calendar events, Tasks and Contacts
  • Port SyncEvolution to use the just open sourced Synthesis SyncML engine
  • Add a D-Bus api to SyncEvolution in addition to command line access
  • Write a GTK+ application (in unmistakable Moblin style, thanks to Nick and other talented designers I have the pleasure to work with) that uses the D-Bus API

I’m happy to announce that the above is implemented in Moblin 2.0 beta:

Current Sync user interface

Current Sync user interface

m_zone shows events and tasks on the left pane

m_zone shows events and tasks on the left pane

We still have lots of things on the TODO list (more compatibility testing with servers, several missing UI features, automatic syncing, better integration with the rest of the Moblin stack to name a few), but the current features are now usable: I keep my own PIM data synchronized between my Nokia N85, a laptop with Debian unstable and a Moblin 2 netbook using as the server.

So, if youre trying out the Moblin 2.0 beta, please try Sync as well. Contributions are warmly welcome at the project site. By the way: Although we’ve heavily concentrated on the netbook use case, everything should work outside of Moblin as well.


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