SoC musings + seeking employment

August 23, 2007

Summer of Code has now practically ended. I’ll post a more detailed look at my original plans and actual accomplishments soon, for now I’ll just say that I’m fairly happy with the results: some things we’re left undone, but other unplanned features got implemented. What I’m wondering is how the rest of Maemo SoC went — according to Mathieu Blondels last post he’s doing ok (although that was a month ago), but the other two projects seem to have been dropped in the mid-term evaluation.

Smoove “Instant Desktop migration” and the Ruby bindings project have had no activity at all as far as I can tell (there’s some progress on the Ruby front, but it seems unrelated). Now, a sample size of four means that we can’t draw too much conclusions, but a half-way failure rate of 50% still seems high — compare with Gnome’s 2 out of 29 = 7%. What went wrong?

Eminently employable

Conveniently at the same time as SoC ends, I’ve found out that I won’t be getting either of the two jobs I’ve applied for. Naturally the application processes took about nine weeks to finish… So, if you’re looking for a developer or development support person with any/all of these qualities (preferably around Helsinki), let me know:

  • Involved with maemo from the beginning, familiar with development on the platform
  • Understands open source tools, processes and communities
  • Experience in closed and open source development in several languages on multiple platforms
  • Lots of knowledge and hands-on expertise in Geographic Information Systems

Full time, part time, freelance — I’m not too picky as long as the job is interesting.
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  1. […] with their positioning framework, as result of the SoC project we got GeoClue into GNOME Mobile and Jussi got a job in the field. Via the GNOME Mobile stack, GeoClue is already in at least one device on the […]

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