Online Desktop and other things GUADEC

July 19, 2007

GUADEC seems to be very interesting this year from the maemo / Internet Tablet perspective… The Nokia releases (SIP support and a Gecko based browser) were a positive surprise of course but there are also other keynotes that make me wish I could have been there. I recommend reading Planet Gnome this time of year — it’s quite lively during and after Guadec.

One thing that really hit a nerve: Online Desktop is about deep integration between web and the desktop (see also Big Board). I’m not entirely sure I like this progress but I have to agree with Havoc Pennington and Luis Villa: It is the future. Maybe not this implementation, but the idea… It will be very interesting from a mobile device POV — syncing data becomes a lot easier if the data is on the internet to begin with.

Questions to GUADEC attendees:

  • I understood there was a GMAE meeting this week. Any news?
  • How was the Geoclue workshop?

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