SoC project update

May 31, 2007

SoC has now officially started. I didn’t really get the head start I had planned, but that’s life. Some things that have happened:

  • I’ve posted an updated version of the “GeoClue for maemo” project plan (pdf), please comment! I tried to keep this one as short and to the point as possible, so most background material has been removed, see original plan for that.
  • Geoclue has moved to (well, almost: Keith Preston, the primary developer still does not have commit access on fd.o):
  • There’s now a mailing list for geoclue
  • There’s a garage project for the maemo port/packaging. Nothing to see there yet, but I’m currently working on this. Stay tuned.
  • Google has sent a small initial payment. The current dollar rate means that it almost covers my monthly coffee expenses…

By the way, when the maemo SoC project was started, there was some talk about a mailing list for students and mentors. Personally I think that would be a good idea: I’d like to do some kind of public weekly reporting on my progress or lack of, but the planet or the geoclue mailing list aren’t necessarily good places for that… So, should we create a dummy Garage project “soc” to get a mailing list for soc management stuff and progress reports?