A new initiative was launched at CELF Embedded Linux Conference (Santa Clara, USA) today:

The GNOME Mobile & Embedded Initiative will advance the use, development and commercialization of GNOME components as a mobile and embedded user experience platform.

The mission statement looks good to me, and the participant list is impressive. I hope this leads to something tangible.

And why am I mentioning this? At the bottom of the page: “Technologies under consideration: … geoclue …”.


Hello, world.

April 17, 2007

I’m going to use this space to keep the rest of the web informed about my SoC-project: GeoClue for maemo.

I met with my mentor bergie on monday and I think the meeting was quite successful — looks like we have pretty similar views on the scope and goals of the project. Also, bergie and tigert (who joined us later) had some very good ideas that I hadn’t thought of. As a result of the meeting, here’s my current todo-list:

  • Infrastructure:
    • Setup a blog (check!)
    • Resolve issues with GeoClue hosting (SCM, mailing lists and such). Hosting on freedesktop.org would be ideal, we’ll see if it’s possible.
    • Setup a project at Garage for the maemo frontend (I’ll wait until previous point is clear)
  • Get in touch with application developers who may be interested in supporting GeoClue from the get-go
  • Get to know the code base
  • Write a more detailed project plan (with deadlines and all)